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Vengeance *Limited Supply*

Vengeance *Limited Supply*


Vengeance *Limited Supply*


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Vengeance: New for ’22!!

This limited time complex lure is based on a legendary, vintage formula.

To create Vengeance, I stripped down the old formula, and modernized it with more readily available lingering, musky ingredients, with a couple of my favorite canine additives. I’ve personally been using this formula for almost 10 years on the coyote/fox trapline. If you’re looking to catch more red fox in areas where you find both fox and coyote sign, Vengeance is the ticket! This lure does NOT contain any skunk essence. For most of the Midwest, it performs well from opening day until about Christmas.  Vengeance is awesome on a backing at a flat set or dirthole, just a thumbnail-sized smear is all you’ll need. For coyotes/fox: pairs well down a dirthole with a smear of Straight Mice, Three Kings, Red Label, or Gold Label. In more catty locations, try a smear of Vengeance with a heavy smear of Sandhills Magik down a big messy dirthole.  For later season, try adding a drop or 2 of tinctured skunk essence in a 4oz jar, to give it that extra punch through the cold night air. It's blend of musks, glands, and castor really perks up breeding fox and coyotes later in the season just as steadily as it snags prime pups in the early season.


Available in 1 oz and 4 oz bottles

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1 oz, 4 oz