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TS-85 BEAVER TRAP *Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery*

TS-85 BEAVER TRAP *Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery*




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TS-85 Beaver Trap is truly revolutionary with an 8 1/2 inch jaw spread (check your state’s regulations). Designed and manufactured by Minnesota trapper Tim Sawatzky. Made entirely in the USA.

The large jaw spread, paired with super stout .187 music wire springs, and oversized dogless pan (fully adjustable for pan tension and travel) make for a more forgiving beaver trap. Snapped, empty traps will become a thing of the past.

Be sure to set the TS-85 (or any trap) so the beaver steps between the jaws, as opposed to over the loose jaw. A large beaver’s back foot may actually span a smaller trap’s jaw spread if it’s stepping over the loose jaw, much like you might step on a beaver trap with your boot across the jaws to fire it.

The TS-85 is a great choice for top wolf and mt lion trappers when modified.


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1 dozen, per 6, each