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Three Kings *Limited Supply*

Three Kings *Limited Supply*

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Three Kings

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Three Kings *Limited Supply*

This bait is based on an ‘Old-School Wolfer’ formula that’s been around over 100 years.
Kellen carefully aged three different organ meats, then blended/preserved them smooth.
It’s strong, but does NOT contain any skunk essence. It’s extremely unique. And it hammers coyotes, fox, bobcats, and coon at dirtholes and buried bait-style sets. Coyotes absolutely love digging this bait out. Be sure to smear (1/2-1oz per set) around down the hole (surface area increases odor output for any bait/lure).
***For the DIY formulator, try adding 3-4 drops pure skunk in a pint of Three Kings to really power through the frigid, late season air.

Very Limited Supply! Available in 16 oz jars only

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