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Predator Post Punch 3P

Predator Post Punch 3P


Predator Post Punch 3P


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Predator Post Punch 3P

New for 2023!

Introducing: Predator Post Punch! 3P is a blend of red fox urine with musky enhancers that really make it pop. It’s strong, and grabs the nostrils of coyotes, reds & grays, bobcats, and coon (mink & otter too!). Predator Post Punch has an extremely unique odor that elicits several reactions from coyotes particularly that makes them drop their guard when working a set.This attractant is meant to be used on your backing at your favorite predator set. I often use it on a burnt vertical firewood post (about wrist-width and 12 inches tall). The charred post contrasts the surrounding grass at the set, and really stands out. I prefer a ¼ to ½ ounce shot of 3P dribbled down the trap-side of the post. The first half of the season, I’ll also use a smear of call lure on the post. Later in the season, I’ll opt for a smear of gland lure. At dirtholes, 3P is excellent either on your backing, or simply right down the hole on some wool or a grass wad, in addition to your favorite bait.Many of you that are familiar with my books and DVDs know that I’m all about variation at a location from season-to-season. Don’t use the same exact sets with the same exact smells. 3P has been a gamechanger the last couple seasons, and has certainly helped boost some locations that were starting to stale out from years of hard trapping.

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Available in 4 oz and 16 oz bottles

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