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Kaatz Bros. Toxi-Dog Predator Call Lure

Kaatz Bros. Toxi-Dog Predator Call Lure


Kaatz Bros Toxi-Dog Predator Call Lure


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Kaatz Bros Toxi-Dog Call Lure

Our most lethal, most versatile, all-around, flagship, first choice predator attractant. At flat sets, use a pea sized glob smeared onto a rock, wood chunk, or sheep wool. At dirt holes, it can be smeared similarly inside the hole. ToxiDog is red fox gland based with a healthy dose of skunk essence, and several other enhancers. It’s overall attraction to coyotes, fox, bobcats, coon, and badgers (and all the weasel family) make it a must-have for the predator trapper.

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