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Kaatz Bros Beaver Lure

Kaatz Bros Beaver Lure


Kaatz Bros Beaver Lure


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Kaatz Bros Beaver Lure

A classic, castor-based lure that’s second to none year-round. Attractive to all furbearers.

Quick tip: When backfoot setting at castor mounds, set the trap pan back from the lure smear about the same distance as your fingertips to your elbow (12-18 inches) and offset a couple inches. Point the trap dog off to one side, so the approaching beaver steps that big hind foot between the closing jaws, as opposed to coming over the loose jaw, which may result in the foot spanning the jaw spread as the trap closes. Think of how you snap a trap with your boot spanning across the jaws, which can occur similarly with that big hind foot. Using a couple well-placed guide sticks will steer the beaver right where you want it too.

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