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HAGz Spring Clips – 1 doz.

HAGz Spring Clips – 1 doz.


HAGz Spring Clips 1 doz.


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HAGz Spring Clip Details

  • Stabilizes Body Grip Traps... Designed for 160's and smaller (XL version fits 220's-330's)
  • ALWAYS ATTACHED to your trap
  • Works on 3/8" rods (fiberglass or steel)
  • Can also be used with the HAGz Bracket for Extreme Versatility (stabilize on rocks, logs, etc)
  • ​Weighs .52 Oz/each
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in USA

HAGZ Spring Clip Benefits

  • Always ATTACHED to your TRAP! Never lose or forget it
  • Allows you to orient trigger wires in any position you want, not where the device allows (top, bottom, left, right)
  • Unleashes new setting opportunities.
  • Fast and Efficient; No need to find the 'perfect' stick that the spring eye will fit over
  • Small and non-intrusive, weighs .52 ounces and doesn't restrict the use of the spring eye
  • Great for those that pack in and are limited on pack basket space!

How It Works

  1. Insert The HAGz Spring Clip between the rungs in the spring coils
  2. To use as an Adjustable Set:
    1. Position Trap
      1. Set Body Grip Trap
      2. Slide the hole in the HAGz Spring Clip over a 3/8" rod
      3. Release to allow the HAGz Spring Clip to lock on the rod when at the desired height
  3. Optionally: For extreme versatility or to use so it falls-away - (Requires HAGz Bracket)
    1. Mount HAGz Bracket to virtually any object (stick, log, rock, bridge wall, etc)
    2. Set Body Grip Trap
    3. Insert the HAGz Spring Clip into either of the large slots in the HAGz Bracket
    4. Wire/ Cable off trap as desired as it will release from the HAGz Braket when a catch is made
  4. Orient Trigger Wires: (up, down, left or right)
    1. Rotate the trap to orient triggers wires as desired
    2. Flipping the HAGz Spring Clip over on the rod allows for 2 other trigger positions

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HAGz Spring Clip (#110-#160) 1 doz., HAGz Spring Clip XL (#220-#330) 1 doz.