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HAGz Bracket – 1 doz.

HAGz Bracket – 1 doz.


HAGz Bracket 1 doz.

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HAGz Bracket Details

  • Multi Use - Stabilizer, Stake Swivel and Slide/Drowner Lock
  • Stabilizes Coil, Jump and Long Spring Foot Hold Traps - Designed for 1.5 foot holds and smaller
  • ​(1)Fits Trap Frame Ends less than .129 thickness and .75 width (almost all 1.5 traps).  Larger frame ends will work with minor filing.
  • Attaches with a J-Hook (not included)
  • Works on 3/8" smooth rods (fiberglass or steel)
  • Weighs 1.36 Oz.  and measures roughly 2.5"x1"
  • PATENTED: US Patent 9,565,850
  • Made in USA

HAGz Bracket Benefits

  • Improves efficiency.
  • Always ATTACHED to your TRAP! (Replaces Terminal Swivel)
  • Set traps in places previously not possible
  • Can be used as an 'adjustable' height set on 3/8" Rods.
  • No Rods? No problem! Can be attached horizontally or vertically to virtually any object.
    • Simply wire, nail, screw, staple, etc. the bracket firmly in place to any object, set your trap and go!
    • Multiple holes and slots for plenty of options to run your preferred fastener through.
    • Some object examples are a on Sticks, Bamboo, Logs, Rocks, Floats, etc.
  • Can also be welded
  • Small and non-intrusive

How the HAGz Bracket Works

  1. Attach Bracket to trap chain using a J-Hook (not included)
  2. To use as a Stabilizer:
    1. Mount HAGz Bracket to 'object'
      - Adjustable Depth with 3/8" Rods
      - Adjustable Depth with a Stick/Bamboo/etc
      - Fixed Position on log, drain tile, rock, etc.
    2. Insert trap frame end into appropriate slot in HAGz Bracket to stabilize your Trap
    3. When a catch is made, trap falls free of bracket.
  3. To use as a Stake Swivel:
    1. Insert up to 1/2" rebar/ t-bar through large center hole
    2. When a catch is  made, the HAGz Bracket will swivel around the rebar stake
  4. To use as a Slide/Drowner Lock:
    1. Run wire/cable through small hole on "USA" side of HAGz Bracket. (USA stamp should be towards set)
    2. When a catch is made, the HAGz Bracket will slide down the wire/cable and the 'locking action' will prevent it from coming back up the cable.