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Flake Wax

Flake Wax


Flake Wax


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Flake Wax

Making weatherproof dirt has never been easier! Depending on your soil it will take from 1/2 lb. to 3/4 lb. of flake wax to treat one gallon of dirt. It’s easiest to make during the warm summer months, by first laying dry, sifted dirt out on a tarp, then mix in the flake wax, and then lay another tarp on top the mix. The summer heat will melt the wax in the dirt. It can then be put up in buckets or totes until needed. This wax is very fine, for easier mixing! When shipping in warmer weather (90 degree plus) you’ll notice it will tend to clump together. Don’t worry if this happens, flake wax will break apart by hand, and in extreme circumstances you can use a rubber mallet to break it apart.
*** Can also be used to wax traps!

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10 lb. bag, 1 case (3-10 lb. bags)