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Crispy Crunchy Coon Bait *Limited Supply*

Crispy Crunchy Coon Bait *Limited Supply*


Crispy Crunchy Coon Bait


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Crispy Crunchy Coon Bait *Limited Supply*

It’s crispy & crunchy. It’s super sweet. It’s sticky. The odor and flavor drives coon crazy.
Kellen started with a specially formulated dry pellet, then added heavy doses of candy-like sweet odors. The notes of butterscotch, vanilla, and caramel are irresistible to coon (as well as reds, grays, beaver, and muskrats), and less desirable to possums/skunks and other incidentals you don’t want.
A couple acorn-sized globs of Crispy Crunchy Coon Bait is the ideal amount for dogproof traps, cage traps, coon boxes/buckets, and even dirtholes and pocket sets.
This bait pairs VERY well with Smokin Aces (use a couple acorn sized globs of bait with ¼ ounce Smokin Aces).

Very limited supply!! 16 oz. and 1 gal

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16 oz, 1 gallon

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