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99 Reds *Limited Supply*

99 Reds *Limited Supply*


99 Reds


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99 Reds - This new ‘sauce’ blend of red fox glands and a few ‘extras’ has an extreme foxy-sweet smell. It’s dynamite on reds (of course), and does very well on coyotes all-season long too! Using it straight, a couple capfuls of 99 Reds is ideal for the upper lip of your favorite style dirthole, or a couple capfuls can be applied to the backing of any set. For an extra edge: try a couple ounces of 99 Reds in a quart of red fox urine (or coyote urine). Later in the season, add a single drop of skunk essence, and you’ll be catching coyotes and fox until the last day of season. This is a dynamite attractant.

Limited supply for 2021! We only have 1 small batch of 99 Reds available. When we run out, we will be out for the season.

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1 oz, 4 oz.