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99 Coyotes *Limited Supply*

99 Coyotes *Limited Supply*


99 Coyotes


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99 Coyote *Limited Supply*

Back in 2015, I started using this ‘sauce’ on coyotes that was made from tincturing coyote foot pads (that wouldn’t run through the grinder), with the anal glands from 1 coyote, and an ounce of coyote urine. I've put this attractor to the test, and also given out a bunch to friends all over the country with outstanding results. I also wrote about this formulation in The Black Book of Coyote Trapping. I’m now labeling it '99 Coyotes’!  As an attractant, it smells just like burying your nose in the nape of a coyote. An ounce of 99 Coyotes in a pint of urine kicks it up a notch, and the 99 Coyotes provides a little freezeproofing as well. Using it straight, a couple capfuls of 99 Coyotes on a backing at any set acts as a suspicion remover and overall enhancer. Works great year-round on damage coyotes too! During breeding season, a drop of skunk essence in a quart of coyote urine, with a couple ounces of 99 Coyotes really hits! - Kellen

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