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3RD Degree *Limited Supply*

3RD Degree *Limited Supply*


3RD Degree *Limited Supply*


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3RD Degree *Limited Supply*

One of my early coyote trapping/calling mentors had a couple ingredients that he loved as a changeups/curveballs, and I’ve experimented with these variants for 25 years. 3rd Degree combines a couple of my alltime favorite coyote catching attractants with a simple curveball. This lure has the potency to reach out on a cold night late season, and it’s gland blend also perks up breeders. From opening day to the final day of season, 3rd Degree is awesome on a backing at a flat set or dirthole, just a thumbnail-sized smear is all you’ll need. It also does well on reds, grays, bobcats, badgers, coon, mink, and otter. Pairs well with Gold Label or Red Label down a dirthole, or Straight Mice (see above). It also performs well in conjunction with Three Kings (Limited Supply bait released last week). - Kellen


Available in 1 oz and 4 oz bottles

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1 oz, 4 oz