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10-2 Report

Things could always be worse. No matter how seemingly poor the fur market, as anything in life, appears it often isn’t that bad. The September NAFA sale from a trapper’s perspective wasn’t as bad as many expected. Personally, I was quite shocked there was as much interest as there was from buyers, especially the Chinese.…
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9-5 Friday Report

9-5 Friday Report The past couple days I’ve listened in on the ranch mink sales at NAFA as much as I could. As I type this I’m feeling reassured as I continue to listen. There seems to be active bidding, and I’m hopeful the ranch fox do as well as the ranch mink. Wild fur…
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8-30 “Saturday Edition” Friday Report

One of the biggest changes I see in our industry revolves around conventions. In the late 90s as KBL was starting to grow, I attended conventions from Arizona to Idaho, New York to Alabama, and a lot of places in between. At that time, there was no face book or youtube, and trapping forums were…
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Coon Boxing: The Knockout Punch Part 2

Just as a prize-fighter's key to success in the ring relies on his ability to 'locate' punches on an opponent, the key to the coon trapper's success with boxes (actually any trapper regardless of target species) relies on location. Littering coon boxes haphazardly and randomly will be just as ineffective as a fighter flailing wildly…
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