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Coyote & Beaver Snares

Coyote & Beaver Snares made from 84" of 3/32" 7x7 cable. Blackdog Mini-Camlock, Poly support collar designed to fit #9 or #11 support wire. 9 ga end swivel. A super fast loaded snare. Comes with floating deer stop. If your state requires deer stops hammer it into place. If not, let it float. A very versatile…
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The Black Box – Kellen’s Coyote Kit

The Black Box: Kellen’s Coyote Kit These highly effective, highly versatile attractants are all you need to put more fur on the stretchers. As outlined in Kellen’s book, The Black Book of Coyote Trapping, these are the attractants that Kellen personally uses on the coyote line. For more information on the systematic approach to boosting…
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